Sunday, February 05, 2006

Writing Exercise

Wil at has posted some interesting thoughts about the need to just purge your brain of crap and move on to the real work. He suggested that you sit down in front of your blog and just spew everything out there. So, I will.

My real work is writing psychoeducational reports which are confidential, so I can't share any insights here. I don't particularly want to do anything with them, especially on a Sunday, but I have too much work to do on the other days that I can't really get anything accomplished without using my weekends as well.

Let's see... another thing that Wil talks about was the feeling of validation of having people read his blog. I know that nobody out there reads this blog or cares or knows of its existence, but that's okay. Maybe I can use this as just a 10 minutes mind blowing technique. Just flush the crap out of there and have it free to run amok on my real work.

This is my first real experience with wordpress. I don't know if I like wordpress or blogger better. I like how clean this interface is and how effortless it is to just type away. I suppose Blogger would be like that after some work, too, though. Just the thought of all of those little tags and Blogger specific dealios was just daunting. Maybe I'll go back but I don't think I'll need to.

Hmmm.. What else? I'm waiting to get in on the Yahoo! Beta. I've been waiting since something like August, I think. Maybe if I bitch about it in private, something will happen. Yeah, right.

My wife and I are working on painting a portion of our downstairs this beautiful deep red/maroon color. It's gorgeous. But red paint sucks because you have to put like 3 coats on to cover the white from before. I don't know what the deal is with that. It seems to be very watery as compared to the other paint I worked with to fix little boo-boos from installing a wall section.

So, how cool is that? My father-in-law came by and we put up a 5 foot section of wall to break up some of the openness of the downstairs. The wall gives us more floor space, allowing us to do some cool furniture arranging.

But, there's another problem with our house-I think we may have some water damage in our upstairs bedroom. How we got water damage there, I have no idea. It would have to come in through the roof, run down some studs or something and then pool in on particular place. Very odd.

But we did see that we have some water damage from our shower. I need to fix the shower door which allows water to run out when we bathe. I've been taking a shower in the hall bathroom for a couple of weeks now and that sucks. Stepping on bath toys at 5:30 in the morning is no fun.

Well, I will assume that after figuring out how to post this, I'll be way over my 10 minutes. Back tomorrow.