Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Smoking Gun prompts question

My completely unused blog is going to start getting used. Maybe.

So, I was going through my email and hit upon a subscribed newsletter to The Smoking Gun. I know... how 20th century, when we have RSS to help us out. I know nobody cares but the reason I choose to read The Smoking Gun via email is because they filter it. I'm of a personality type that I have to read everything that is pushed at me. If I subscribed to their RSS feed, I would be overwhelmed with junk, I'm sure.

So, here are some questions about the most recent stories they have. Since when is 29 pills of Viagra worth $1? On the customs form from his recent arrest, the value of the confiscated item is listed as 1 bottle of pills, containing 29 individual items, value - $1. Isn't the street value like $10 a pop?

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