Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stickam support.. doesn't

So, Leo had posted a Twitter update a few months ago. Last month I emailed Stickam about it, to see if there was any progress. I especially like this screen:

" some cases it may not be possible to get back to you." Guess what happened. So I emailed them again today. And I'm blogging about it. And I'm saying that Ustream would have been a better choice. Leo has said that he didn't accept $100,000 but I wonder.... Why won't anybody say anything about this?

Just found this before I posted. says that these are the terms, including revenue sharing.

Update: Here's a quote from Leo:
Mark, you should have asked me - I would have told you the truth. Stickam has _not_ sent me any check. We have a revenue sharing deal that I hope will generate MORE than $100,000 a year, but I'm not buying that Bently any time soon. Streaming video numbers are much much lower than audio podcast numbers, at least for now.

Watch for 10 minutes then tell me I chose the wrong provider!
My response:
You chose the wrong provider. Sure, it looks slick but it doesn't work...

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