Wednesday, June 03, 2009

WTF Governor Sanford

Seriously. WTF?

Keith Olbermann has been working on his WTF segment on Countdown (it left a few days ago after the recent abortion doctor murder) so I thought I would give it a quick shot.

I just got a notification in my Google Reader that South Carolina will informally participate with a multi-state coalition to develop national norms for English and Math standards. Sounds awesome - we, as a nation, are having difficulty keeping up with other countries in their education, so let's have national norms.

Governor Sanford is one of 4 governors who refused to co-sign the application with the State Superintendent of Schools, Jim Rex.

In fairness, Governor Sanford is a Republican, Governor Rex is a Democrat; however, this can't be the only state that has this mix and I'm sure that there are more than 4 states where a similar disparity exists.

Governor Sanford, South Carolina is one of the lowest performing states in the nation, depending on the information you solicit. Nearly half of our high school students will drop out rather than receive a high school diploma. Let me understand - you don't believe that we need to make any changes around here?

If I were you, I would be grasping at anything that would help us make our schools better. It is clear, sir, (see how I did that? Just like Keith!) that you are grandstanding for a shot at the White House. You are interfering with children and their learning. This is the wrong place to take a stand, Governor Sanford.

I'll be glad to be rid of you from the state level once you fail out at the national level.

W. T. F.

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