Tuesday, February 26, 2002

My wife and I have this arrangement... she takes care of the bills and I don't freak out about running out of money. She has mastered the art of balancing our account to the penny and she knows exactly how much money is in the account at any moment.

I don't give her enough credit for it.. she really does a good job. I don't think I've wanted anything under $50 that I couldn't just go and get and she would do some creative accounting to make it work until the next payday. And, I complain all the time about her not paying bills... I'll find out that she undercut one of our bills a little (still paying over the minimum, but not paying as much as I would have liked to have paid them). But, I have to say, at least she hasn't skipped a bill yet. Some of the people I work with always complain about getting their power turned off or their phone disconnected for non-payment. That has never happened to us, and I don't think it will. She works very hard at balancing all our needs with all my wants...

And, I'm grateful for that.

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