Thursday, March 21, 2002

So, this is now my place to bitch about work. I got in a mild amount of trouble for complaining out loud and in emails, so I'm just gonna post this stuff online. Sure, it can be traced back to me, but that's okay. I'm not complaining to get anything done, so that should be okay.

So, I overheard one of the leads (it happened to be Erin, but they've all done it) tell Piper, one of the call reps that "You're cable box is the correct time." That's just fine and dandy, but time at work is VERY different from home time. For example, the time at work says it is currently 7:41. The time on my cable box says it is 7:37. That's a 4 minute difference. That's virtually the difference between late and not late (5 minutes required).

So, I got in trouble, also, for bitching that leads don't do any work. It's true, but apparently I wasn't supposed to express my discontent. They (the powers that be) told me that I should feel free to bring up my discontent, but I shouldn't bring it up out loud. Interesting concept.

Well, that's all the bitching for right now... Except that it's really busy... At 7:47 am... Ugh!

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