Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pretty good Sunday so far

Last night I was bad - I had a slice of pie and a bowl of chips after dinner but again, my weight doesn't seem to be affected. Although it's stopped going down, so I guess there is an effect.

Today, so far, I was good. I had my usual - 3 eggs, 1 slice of cheese and a bagel with creme cheese. All of that is only like 500 calories. I have a 2000 calorie diet I'm trying to maintain, so 500 calories for a meal isn't bad.

I'm thinking I need some coffee, though, which is empty calories. The thing that kills me is the creamer. That stuff is worse than the sugar.

Other things have been going on for me - I'd been locked out of my Gmail account - it has since been fixed but I had to complain a lot. I can't really blame the Gmail guys - I think bad stuff has been happening since every time I went to report it (I was reporting it daily for a while) there was a different way to get to the place I needed to go to report it to a person.

I changed from Bloglines to Google Reader last week or so because they fixed it to expanded view with automatic flagging of posts as read as you scroll past them. I also integrated it with Gmail through a Greasemonkey script. This is pretty cool but it doesn't do expanded view. The guy who wrote the script is actually a Google employee who works on Reader. He said he had to fix something in Reader itself to force it to List view so I don't think the Greasemonkey script can force it back to Expanded view but I've asked a programmer friend to take a look at it.

I'm at work at my "easy" job today and I brought a lot of work from my school job so I have a lot of reports to write, etc.

If anybody reads this, I would be excited to start a dialog and talk with you about stuff if you're interested.

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