Saturday, November 11, 2006

Time for some motivation

I have remained at my earlier weight of 255-ish for the past few months. I've checked my weight every once in a while but haven't entered it in the Physicsdiet site. I also have begun snacking again, even though that was what was so successful for me in my past. Although, on the other hand, I have not gone up even though I have been snacking again.

Anyway, why am I making this post? Because I feel that I need the motivation of publishing to an audience, even though nobody actually reads this blog. If I post and say that today I ate a small pizza in addition to my normal breakfast of three scrambled eggs, one slice of cheese and a bagel with cream cheese then I may shame myself into eating better. (I'm also drinking coffee, laced with non-dairy creamer, which is really bad for me.)

I added my weight from this morning to Physicsdiet and the updated graph is above.

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