Saturday, May 12, 2007

School Psychology News

I'm a school psychologist in real life... Interesting news for us psychologists: AGS Pearson is buying Psychcorp from Harcourt. This could be a huge monopoly power in the psychoeducational world but I'll reserve judgement. This would essentially create one place for us psychologists to get the best tests for our job. This could then allow for increased costs for already *very* expensive tests. I recently asked our school district to buy 2 books for $1000. And they did.. What choice did they have? It's the best thing available.

Of course, I understand that there is research and development costs and that the services I provide are very expensive on the free market. I'm somewhat uncomfortable with the idea that my tax dollars (and yours) fund research for this company. I'd like to see an open source type movement come about for these types of psychoeducational tests. I don't have the brain for the actual research and development and testing that occurs but I could at least help out by understanding the GPL and providing backend support like that.

Ostensibly, we have that. The idea behind psychological research is that it is published and freely available. It would be very difficult to ask psychologists to conduct research for free but it already happens. There are grants available from a number of organizations.

In addition, DIEBLS is a new, free, alternative for some of the psychoeducational evaluations I conduct. We should expand on this idea with intelligence tests and other types of psychoeducational batteries. I'd like to see something like that occur.

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