Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stickam, uStream and port blocking

Bad day at work today and not because of the actual work part...

I have been watching Leo Laporte do his radio show for the past few weeks on but it wasn't working for him today, so he went to Well, I tried to follow him over there but I couldn't. Apparently whatever port they use for the video is blocked here (in my experience, they block every port except for port 80 and they also have a content filter. Apparently they're paranoid here.)

So, it was very frustrating to be in the chat via ircatwork and hear people talking about him bouncing on an exercise ball and generally being goofy and being one click away from being able to see and experience the interactivity. He also would answer questions from the chat via audio which I also couldn't hear.

Stupid port filters. Very annoying.

Oh, and some weird 15 year old girl was IM'ing me for no reason. I told her to go away and she wouldn't. I wonder if it's Chris Hansen? Entrapment! I'm calling it first.

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