Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Full day of work

Put in a full day of different kinds of work -

I need to get some pictures, but I planted some crepe myrtle trees. One came from my wife's grandmother's home but then we found 5 others on our land. That was pretty cool - free trees.

My wife also picked up border grass, so that went in across most of the front of the house. We also have some other plants from her uncle that we had planted in a corner of the land to keep them away from the construction crew. I moved a Magnolia and two Camelias to other places in our yard.

Then I came in and worked on some files. I have to get these done by the end of the week. I counted 19 and I think I got 5 done tonight (I lost count as I was doing the mad dash all night (it's 1:15)).

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