Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Housework - whoo hoo

Yesterday was a weird day - Marlana was kind of sick for most of the day, so the kids and I got up and started playing computer games (they love casual games and in particular. No, they don't get to go there on their own but I help them find games that seem to be fun for them.

Hung a giant fricken' mirror, our college diplomas and some really cute pictures of the kids in the bathroom. Didn't get the bathroom pictures straight, though.. gotta try again. That sucks.

We also started our Netflix subscription last night. We watched 27 Dresses (meh) and Semi-Pro (less meh but still not great). The Bucket List is up for tonight.

When I was working in the yard two days ago, I got bit like crazy. Couple of ant bites and at least two spider bites on my left hand. They itch like hell.

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